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Know what photos & videos consumers are posting and engaging with online - using Netra’s software.

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Netra's Mission

Our mission is to help make sense of the firehose of imagery. We seek to deeply understand what consumers are interested in and searching for, based on what they post or what photos or videos they engage with. We also help consumers with visual discovery by search for imagery using pictures instead of words.

By understanding what photos or videos consumers are posting or engaging with, we build a richer profile of consumer intent & help drive visual discovery.

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The Opportunity

Imagery is one of the biggest unsolved big data problems. More and more imagery is generated each day… yet there is still no easy way to organize or search without the pain of manual tagging.

Netra is focused on helping Enterprises regain control over the chaos of imagery to better understand consumers’ intent and preference - and help them find exactly what they’re looking for. We partner with the enterprises in the following categories:


Helps you know what images your customers are posting & engaging with in your category or brand (even if they don’t tag you).

Visual Intelligence

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